Food, Food, Glorious Food!

Our fantastic chef Jasmine provides a nutritionally adequate menu that meets at least 50% of a child’s Recommended Daily Intake. Main meals would include red meat/white meat or a vegetarian meal, together with iron containing foods such as wholemeal bread, broccoli, cauliflower, baked beans or lentils.

The daily menu is to include at least 1 serve of vegetables, 1 serve of fruit, at least 2 serves of bread, cereals, rice, pasta or cooked noodles. It should also include at least 3 serves of dairy foods.

The Centre provides breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. Water is readily available throughout the day.

Further information regarding food and nutrition, food handling and hygiene can be found in the Centre Handbook.

The Centre offers 4 weekly menus which are rotated on a regular basis. The Infants menus differ slightly from the Toddler and Kindy menus.

Below is copy of our winter menu.

The Centre reserves the right to alter the menus without prior notification.

We are constantly reviewing all Menus.



Sample Menu pdf