About Us

Blackwood Community Child Care Centre was officially opened on 17th February 1990.

The Centre is currently licensed for 53 places, catering for children from 6 weeks to 6 years.

The Centre is managed by a committee of volunteers consisting of parents, guardians, caregivers, staff and community representatives. The Director is responsible for the day to day operations.

The Centre has recently had a National Quality Framework Assessment and Rating Process and received an overall rating of EXCEEDING NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARD.


National Quality Standard for Early Childhood and Care and School Age Care

National Quality Standard Rating


Our Vision


Healthy, viable and high quality community child care.


Mission Statement

Learning is successful through ‘hands on’ experiences when children are encouraged to explore, take initiatives and are involved in decision making about their own learning. There will be a strong emphasis on the value of play.

We aim to provide an environment:-

  • which allows children to feel and be safe physically and emotionally,
  • which will place an emphasis on programs allowing children to move freely between indoor and outdoor environments when they choose,
  • that promotes and evaluates the holistic development of children using the Centre’s programmes, taking into account their individual needs,
  • that supports principles of equal opportunity and social justice through awareness and understanding of differences in culture, language, gender, age, needs and abilities, and
  • which will encourage the development of negotiation, problem solving and self help skills.

In relation to Parents, Caregivers and Families we aim to offer support by:-

  • encouraging their involvement and participation in, and their support for their child’s learning and development,
  • welcoming them into the centre through visits, fundraising and social activities,
  • exchanging information with families about their child, through a variety of verbal and written strategies,
  • respecting and accommodating their child rearing practices, and
  • encouraging families to ask questions and to raise concerns about the centre’s operations with staff and/or management.

Staff will be employed to ensure provision of quality child care. To achieve this staff members will:-

  • be sensitive to the needs of families and communities and respond to these needs through open communication,
  • work as flexible and supportive team members,
  • respect and accommodate children’s individual needs, through developmentally appropriate programs and a stimulating environment, and
  • be provided with opportunities for staff development and the provision of a supportive work environment.

The community will be considered to be a valuable support and therefore the Centre will:-

  • be sensitive to the wider range of social and cultural backgrounds of the community it serves.


Hours of Operation

  • 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday
  • 7:00am to 12:30pm Morning session
  • 12:30pm to 6:00pm Afternoon session
  • Closed Public Holidays (There is no out of pocket expense for families for public holidays).
  • Closed 1-2 weeks over Christmas/New Year period (fees not charged).

Universal Access Preschool Program –   During the school term

  • Monday – Thursday 8.30-4.30
  • 1/2 Sessions are available


The Centre is a community based, not for profit, organisation. All fee income, after expenses, goes back into the Centre to provide for the children’s environment.



  • Full day – $130.00
  • AM / Morning session – $70.00
  • PM / Afternoon session – $70.00

Fee changes as of 1st July 2019

All meals are inclusive in the above charges. Our Centre is allergy aware and can accommodate all reasonable requests. The menu is displayed in the Centre foyer.


Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate

The Australian government provides families with financial assistance to help cover the cost of approved child care through Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate.  Child Care Benefit is based on family income, the Child Care Rebate is not income tested. Child Care Benefit is income tested and is usually paid directly to approved child care services to reduce the fees that eligible families pay. Child Care Rebate is an additional payment which helps families cover the out-of-pocket costs of child care. It is not income tested and covers up to 50% of out-of -pocket child care costs up to $7500 per child per year.

For more information visit australia.gov.au/mychild or call 132468

For more information in languages other than English call 13 12 02


Baby Room – Ngarto (child, little one)

The Infant Section caters for children under 2 years. They  have separate outdoor play, change, meals and sleeping areas.   Further details are available in the Centre Handbook on the Publications Page


Toddler Section – Mulyo (Feelings, Attachment, Love)

The Toddler Section caters for children two (2) years to three (3) years. Further details are available in the Centre Handbook on the Publications Page

The Toddler Room has child friendly wash basins and toilets, and a secure nappy change area. Part of the room is used as a quiet area for those children requiring day sleeps.

The Toddler and Kindy children share the same outdoor play area.


Kindy Section – Bandi (to shine)

The Kindy Section caters for children three (3) years to six (6) years. Further details are available in the Centre Handbook on the Publications Page

The Toddler and Kindy children share the same outdoor play area.



The Centre’s Mission Statement is as follows:-

“ Blackwood Community Child Care Centre is a safe and dynamic environment where Children, Parents and Staff can learn, play, grow and be healthy, happy and thrive” .

We value Diversity, Inclusiveness, Respect, Integrity and Relationships.